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About Us

ELP Engineering Ltd is owned by Edward Hill a qualified Mechanical Engineer, who started life on a farm and grew up in the 70s in the family agricultural Contracting Business.

Director's History

Before ELP Engineering ltd

 Edward grew up operating machinery on a farm and working in has father’s Agricultural contracting business, ‘growing up’ in the back of a JCB 3C.

In 1998, he attended Agricultural college and obtained a NDA in Agriculture and then set up his own Tree Surgery and contracting business.

In 1996 he attended Staffordshire University and obtained a 1st B Eng. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and went to work as a design engineer at Construction Equipment manufacturers CAT and JCB, and Aircraft Engine manufacturer Rolls Royce, whilst still operating the Tree Surgery business.

Edward is proud to have two patents registered at JCB for the JCB403 wheeled loader which he designed on his own from a clean sheet of paper.

Hedgecutting using a Hetronic Remote Control

Our ELP journey began in 2016

Edward struggled to find a supplier for a remote control proportional system to retrofit on his Unimog Hiab crane, so contacted Hetronic and, after attending a Hetronic training course in Malta, became a distributor and started ELP Engineering Ltd.

Lodar Logo
Becoming a Lodar Distributor

Becoming a Lodar distributor

 Edward recognised that he would need an on / off remote control system to compliment the proportional Hetronic products so he contacted Lodar in Walsall, West Midlands and became a distributor, which has grown into his core business to become the largest stockist in Europe, and product technical support for the PWM systems.


Providing customised Lodar products

Plug and Play Lodar systems

These systems were concieved following the installation of a ProFencer kit on site, with the wiring taking over 2 hrs to install into the receiver using screw on DIN plugs which are difficult to seal and install. 

We decided to make the next ProFencer kit in the office and make it plug and play, which meant that we didn’t have to visit sites to install a Lodar.

To aid installation and remove any issues with water ingress we upgraded the cables to have moulded on DIN plugs, including a LED and flywheel diode which means that installation is even quicker as you power the receiver (internally fused) and use the Transmitter to identify the corresponding DIN plug. It is literally plug and play in 30 mins with just the power supply cable to connect up.

ELP Wiring Harnesses
Expanding our service

Harness manufacture in 2020

 In 2020 we bought our harness manufacturing in house, with the purchase of a Willett Continuous Ink Jet Printer to mark cables, Kodera Cut and Strip machine and an AMP terminal press to install the Deutsch DT and AMP terminals.


ELP Engineering Managing Director

Edward Hill

Managing Director
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