What is PWM?

Pulse Width Modulation or PWM for short, allows for proportional control of remote devices. This lets you to control the speed of movement rather than simply on / off.

Historically this has been only available with belly-pack systems made by Hetronic, Scanreco, etc. Previously these were designed for use on HIAB lorry mounted cranes. Lodar Pro soft start can provide a PWM system at a fraction of the cost of more expensive competitors.

The new Lodar Pro wireless solutions are designed to be more flexible, modular and easily configurable (free software), addressing market needs not serviced by today's push button remote controls.

Lodar Pro Soft Control radio remote control

ELP Engineering is the sole UK distributor of the Lodar Pro soft control, as well as the existing range of Lodar products which are made in Walsall, England.

Ed Hill (second from left) and Pete Hudson (far right) of ELP Engineering supporting Lodar at the 2017 Baltimore Tow Show.

ELP have worked in partnership with Lodar who have designed a new receiver which has proportional PWM outputs, something which until now was only available on belly pack radio remote control systems such as those made by Hetronic or Scanreco.

A Lodar Pro Soft control system was installed by ELP on Recoverysafe's training vehicle to prove the system. Mark Hartell (the owner) noticed an instant benefit. He stated "I don't have to go back to my vehicle and operate the manual lever when winching in, I use the Lodar Pro remote control to stand where I wish to be so that I can be in full control of the recovery". See Mark's vehicle in action on the Lodar soft control video.

The Lodar Pro soft control system is currently available from ELP with:


The PWM receivers can be programmed to provide:

  • Hydraulic Flow control in parallel with a directional on/off output
  • Hydraulic directional control in PWM current controlled single or multiple outputs

System 1: Hydraulic flow control set up

The ideal retrofit for an existing vehicle which has a electric valve block, or a cost sensitive new build, as seen below.

Figure 1. A Lodar Pro soft control system giving flow control to an on/off hydraulic valve block.

Hydraulic Flow control in parallel with an on/off output


  • Ideal for retrofit to existing vehicles / machinery
  • Cost effective
  • Oil flow can be set to ramp up to a desired flow and then adjusted in up to 10 steps using the transmitter buttons, all set up with the free software
  • No software costs
  • Manufactured in the UK with a 5 year warranty


  • A Flow control valve block is required, see our remote control hydraulic valve kits.
  • Only one function can be used at once
  • The flow control is the same for each function - it cannot be set to provide different flows for different functions

Typical Uses

  • Vehicle hydraulic winches
  • Trawlers
  • Agricultural equipment with multiple functions
  • Diet Feeders
  • Augers
  • Conveyors

System 2: Hydraulic Directional control

Hydraulic directional control in PWM current controlled single or multiple outputs, at 1/3rd of the cost of a belly pack system with UK next day sales and support

Figure 2. A Lodar Pro soft control system controlling a PWM proportional hydraulic valve block.

Hydraulic PWM directional control


  • Ideal for new builds
  • Ideal for use on vehicles already using proportional hydraulics and belly packs where the operator wants a cost effective transmitter rather than use his expensive belly pack
  • Cost effective compared against belly packs
  • Multiple functions can be used at once (with a flow sharing valve block)
  • Flow can be different for each function
  • Infinitely adjustable using the free software
  • No software costs
  • Manufactured in the UK with a 5 year warranty


  • A PWM mobile hydraulic valve block is required, see our remote control hydraulic valve kits.
  • When compared against a belly pack with joysticks the only con is that you cannot 'slow down' a movement. With a Hiab crane using a Lodar Pro soft control, this is not really noticed as you tend to 'stop' rather than slow down a movement.

Typical Uses

  • Recovery vehicles
  • Vehicle hydraulic winches
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Piling rigs
  • Tracked post knockers
  • Diet Feeders
  • Recovery vehicles
  • Existing vehicles with belly packs when you want a cost-effective transmitter likely to be damaged or a replacement system.

Smooth and safe operation

During development, we spoke to many recovery vehicle operators with radio remote control systems. Many said they use the manual levers when they want a soft, controlled start because the on/off systems are harsh.

The Lodar Pro soft control seen in the video allows the end user to stand anywhere and use his Lodar transmitter to smoothly operate every function on the vehicle in a controlled manner without the expense of a belly pack transmitter such as those made by Hetronic or Scanreco.

Easy Configuration

The Lodar Pro soft control receiver is programmed using a free programming tool found here

Each receiver unit is supplied with all the hardware required to enable you to adjust the start, ramp up, stop and ramp down speed of the receiver output.

ELP are here to 'hELP' and can provide you with telephone support on setting up your system, or a site visit to assist with installation and programming to provide the ultimate control.

Easy Installation

The Lodar Pro Soft Control PWM receivers are supplied pre-wired with external connections for the wiring harness. This means the unit does not have to be opened up and can be quickly connected to your system following our wiring diagram below, simply plugging in to the Lodar case with the factory fitted Deutsch HDP connector.

Figure 3. 12 Function wiring diagram. All internal wiring for the Lodar receiver is pre-wired.

The Deutsch connectors are proven in the construction and agricultural industries as fit for purpose so were chosen for the Lodar PWM system.

This means that the PWM receiver is the same as all Lodar receivers and meets IP67 dust and water ingress tests.

ELP stock Lodar PWM wiring harnesses to connect the receiver to your valve block, and can also supply bespoke PWM wiring harnesses to suit your requirements. So, for you it is simply plug and play.

The Flow control system that ELP sell comes complete with a harness, so all you have to do is hose it up and connect it to the vehicle and valve block.