System Integration

Our aim is to make sure that not only do we sell our customers the right product, but that the installation is the most optimal and safe.

Our experience of design engineering, whether it’s a one off bespoke design or a production run of many, means you can be confident of a system that will operate reliably and be easy to use.

We have the expertise in Radio Systems, Electrical and Electronic Systems, CAN bus J1939 and ISOBUS, hydraulic and mechanical systems, to design and integrate the entire electro-mechanical system in to your machine or vehicle. We can provide the complete systems, or just part of the system, supporting our customers so they achieve the very best performance and cost.

Following engineering design processes used by companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls Royce and JCB we make sure the system is designed quickly, economically and is right first time.

We start by talking to our customers to understand what the machine is for, how and where it will be used and by whom. From this, and with our experience of operating machinery, we can make suggestions of components to use and how the design could be improved.

Performing the safety risk assessment to EN13849 and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) may dictate a certain system design and components. We can then estimate the cost of the system.

With design and costs approved, we can start building. Components and sub-systems first, testing each as we proceed until eventually the machine is complete and tested.

We want every ELP Engineering system to be an advertisement not only of ELP Engineering, but also of quality British engineering.

We are here to help.