Superwinch Winches

ELP Engineering are a UK supplier of the new Superwinch SI Series to compliment our hydraulic remote control kits.

The new Superwinch SI Series is designed to be more flexible, modular and easily configurable, addressing market needs not serviced by today's industrial winches. Superwinch engineers found a way to deliver the ultimate in flexibility while insisting on a strong winch that has better braking, faster line speed and higher reliability than anything on the market today.

The Superwinch SI Series small chassis is currently available in the following ratings:

  • 3628kg (8,000lbs) SAE J706 and EN14492
  • 4535kg (10,000lbs) SAE J706
  • 4535kg (10,000lbs) EN14492
  • 5443kg (12,000lbs) SAE J706


The gearbox and motor can be rotated (every 22.5 degrees) to accommodate application needs allowing a whole new level of flexibility and proving this is the one winch you need to have.

With the addition of cable or air operated clutch actuators, the SI Series gives supreme flexibility.

Clutch Position

Four screws. That’s all it takes to convert from a top-pull clutch to an end-pull clutch.


The drum of the SI Series is quad-drilled for rope attachment for left or right hand winding. This lets the winch be mounted to suit the rig, not the other way around.

The SI Series can be supplied in three different drum widths:

  • Narrow: 200mm (8 inch) (41.5metres of 9.5mm rope)
  • Standard: 254mm (10 inch) (52metres of 9.5mm rope)
  • Wide: 305mm (12 inch) (62metres of 9.5mm rope)


Matching the highly configurable clutch, motor and drum. The entire winch has several mounting options to suit the rig.


  • Feet Down
  • Feet Forward


  • Feet Forward
  • Feet Down (with Front Brace)
  • Between Rails

The SI Series winch is so well designed, fitting really is that easy.


The SI Series winch features a multi-plate disc brake for the ultimate stopping power. There is no preferred drum direction so keeping the flexibility of installation.

This exclusive design does not drag on winch-out. The hydraulic/electro release automatically operates when the winch is run.

The whole brake assembly is dry. No lubrication or fluid changes are needed.

All SI hydraulic winches come with the Superwinch SuperBlock, A safety backup that stops loads free-falling in the event of a supply interruption. The dual cartridge system is unique to Superwinch.


  • Superwinch SI Series Hydraulic versions feature:
    • Positive displacement gear motor
    • Load holding counterbalance valves
    • Integrated brake valve
    • No changes to convert Clockwise to Counter Clockwise Rotation


  • Superwinch SI Series Electric versions feature:
    • High speed series wound motors
    • Heavy duty sealed Albright contactors
    • Remote mountable control pack
    • 12v and 24v models

SI Series Specifications

SI Series 8,000 Hydraulic

SI Series 12,000 Electric

The Superwinch SI Series is without doubt the most easily configurable winch on the market.

However, if you need help selecting the right winch for your application, please call us. ELP Engineering has several years' experience fitting and using winches.

We are here to help.

Contact us with your winch requirement.