Recoverysafe Case Study

ELP Engineering were asked by Lodar to help with the design and marketing of Lodar’s new Lodar Pro Soft Control PWM radio system.

As ELP were already selling the traditional Lodar on/off range of radio controls, and because of ELP’s experience with designing electro hydraulic systems for mobile machinery, it makes the perfect partnership between Lodar and ELP Engineering.

Mark Hartell, the owner of Recoverysafe trains in the use of Lodar radio controls for vehicle recovery and having Mark’s truck to showcase the new Lodar Pro Soft Control was an opportunity that both Lodar and ELP needed to make the most of and make sure the fitment was faultless.

View the Lodar Pro Soft Control video

Mark also wanted a front winch fitting which ELP designed, fabricated and fitted.

The fitting of Lodar Pro Soft Control involved fitting a fully proportional hydraulic valve block.

ELP also recommended and fitted a larger hydraulic oil tank, as the original tank was too small for the application and had been damaged.

The new Hydracontrol fully proportional 6 slice valve block easily fitted in to the existing location connecting directly to the hydraulic pipe work. The only additional pipe needed was ¼ inch drain pipe for the new valve block.

A little touch up painting, and a new cabinet for the valve block and the truck was converted.