ProFencer Case Study

ProFencer in action.

ELP Engineering were asked to provide a single function low cost electro-hydraulic radio control system for the ProFencer, a unique stock fencing unrolling, laying and tensioning machine designed specifically for the professional fencing contractor.

The control was needed to provide the operator with the ability to control the functions not only from the tractor cab while unrolling the stock fence wire, but also to make adjustments from up to 300 metres away as the operator walked back along the fence line checking the position and tension of the stock fence wire.

After discussing the requirements with the manufacturer and machine owners/operators, we suggested a second function could be added for little extra cost, but that would add considerable benefit to the operator.

The final design was a two-function radio with safety circuit operating a two-slice electro hydraulic valve, designed to be both retro-fitted to existing machines, or fitted as an option during the manufacture of new machines.

ELP Engineering provided the complete engineering design service, including the safety analysis, radio and hydraulic specification, wiring harnesses, brackets and fixings, and installation and operator manuals. We also supported ProFencer sales at Lamma 2017.

Kit of parts designed and supplied by ELP Engineering Ltd

ProFencer at Lamma 2017 supported by ELP Engineering Ltd

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