Lodar Soft Control Fault Codes

Your Lodar remote control receiver has a fault detection system built in to it.  The fault codes are displayed by red LEDs, which flash a sequence of two numbers. The picture below shows the words 'FAULT' on the circuit board, with a lit LED next to it.

Picture 1 showing the fault code red LED lit.

During normal operation, the fault light is extinguished.

When a fault is detected, the Lodar receiver stops operating and displays the fault code by flashing.

The fault code is read by counting the flashes: it flashes the first number, then pauses briefly, then flashes the second number. Once the code is flashed, it will repeat the sequence.

For example, a “1-7” will indicate an undercurrent detection on Channel 7, normally this means no output is connected.

The fault codes are:


1-CH# : Load Under Current Detection (channel on for > 1sec and <100mA flowing)

2-CH# : Pre-Check Load short circuit detection

3-CH# : Load Short circuit detection whilst channel on

4-CH# : Open Circuit Driver (Output off when should be on)

5-CH# : Short Circuit Driver (Output on when should be off)

Download Fault Codes