Lodar Soft Control Fault Codes

We guess your having trouble with your Lodar if you've found this page!

These fault codes are only on the rare PWM receivers which have soft control, not on the majority of standard systems so please call us and our support team will talk you through fault finding as we've got a wealth of knowledge on fault diagnosis.

Your Lodar remote control receiver has a fault detection system built in to it.  The fault codes are displayed by red LEDs, which flash a sequence of two numbers. The picture below shows the words 'FAULT' on the circuit board, with a lit LED next to it.

Picture 1 showing the fault code red LED lit.

During normal operation, the fault light is extinguished.

When a fault is detected, the Lodar receiver stops operating and displays the fault code by flashing.

The fault code is read by counting the flashes: it flashes the first number, then pauses briefly, then flashes the second number. Once the code is flashed, it will repeat the sequence.

For example, a “1-7” will indicate an undercurrent detection on Channel 7, normally this means no output is connected.

The fault codes are:


1-CH# : Load Under Current Detection (channel on for > 1sec and <100mA flowing)

2-CH# : Pre-Check Load short circuit detection

3-CH# : Load Short circuit detection whilst channel on

4-CH# : Open Circuit Driver (Output off when should be on)

5-CH# : Short Circuit Driver (Output on when should be off)

Download Fault Codes