Are you available for support outside of office hours?

Yes. Please call the office as our phones are redirected to the support team outside of office hours.

What is radio remote control system?

It consists of a hand held transmitter and a machine or building mounted receiver which communicate using government approved radio frequencies.

If I have a winch, for example, will the transmitter work other winches when we are all together?

Not the units we sell. The transmitter and receiver are paired to each other using software for safety. We are aware that low cost units do not have this feature and hence we do not sell them.

If I break my transmitter, can I buy one on its own or do I have to buy a new radio remote control system?

You can buy a replacement transmitter in the event of it being damaged, and, if it is a Lodar unit, you will receive instructions on how to pair it with your receiver. If it is a Hetronic unit, it will need the ADMOS unit programming by ourselves.

What if my radio remote control system doesn't work?

Both Lodar and Hetronic systems show their status of operation, so you can quickly and easily determine what is at fault. All ELP Engineering Ltd and Lodar products are covered by an exceptional 5-year pro-rated warranty.

Where are you based?

We're based near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire which is the home of JCB and near Alton Towers, so we can easily access any part of the UK to provide on-site support if required.

What can the radio remote control systems operate?

The radio remote control systems we distribute are capable of turning on and off 12volt DC, 24volt DC, and 240 volt AC. The systems can also provide proportional control known as PWM for 12volt DC and 24volt DC.

What is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) or proportional control of hydraulic valve blocks?

The proportional control is the ability to open a hydraulic valve like a tap, opening the tap gently up to the desired flow from the valve. The control is carried out using PWM, and the radio remote control systems are configured by us to provide you with the desired machine control. This means that we can replace a manual lever valve block with a radio remote control system and give the same feel of control to the operator.

Can you configure the PWM proportional radio remote control to give the right operator feel?

Yes, each unit is programmed to suit the hydraulic valve block it controls and your requirements. The units can be programmed to provide different flows for each individual spool valve, so you can have different speeds set for each output which is especially useful when complying to a British standard or international standard (e.g., BS EN 280 for mobile elevating work platforms), for design calculations, stability criteria, examinations and tests.

I don’t know about hydraulics or electronics but I want to radio remote control a machine - can you help?

Yes we can. We're here to ‘hELP’. The directors are qualified engineers who have designed and operated machines for years. The experience gained over the years means that all you need to do is answer a few questions and we can do the rest. We can supply part of, or an entire system, which we can commission and install as well if you wish.

Are the radio remote control hydraulic systems safe?

Yes, the systems which we specify include built in safety systems which, in the event of a sticking valve, for example, allow the user to instantly turn off the system. Emergency stop buttons are provided where required and hence the system is safe.

What do you put into the radio remote control system to make it safe?

To make it safe there are multiple options available. Both the Lodar and Hetronic receivers have dedicated outputs for safety circuits.

What happens when the electric winch solenoid sticks on my winch and I cannot stop it?

We use the safety output from the receiver to activate an Albright battery isolator, turning off the unit using the radio remote control hand held transmitter will isolate the battery instantly.

What happens when the hydraulic valve sticks or someone moves the manual lever on the hydraulic valve block and the radio remote control operator doesn’t want it to move?

We only specify and sell ‘fail safe’ hydraulic valve blocks which do not allow hydraulic oil to flow into the valve block until the operator uses the radio remote control system. The hydraulic oil flows directly back to tank when the radio remote control system is not in use. This function is carried out with a hydraulic valve known as either a hydraulic safety valve or a hydraulic dump valve.

Do you supply hydraulic dump valves?

We can supply a hydraulic dump valve and they are relatively inexpensive. However, it is better to integrate the dump valve into a valve block to be more cost effective and to reduce the leak paths.

Do you supply hydraulic flow control valves?

The flow control valves we supply are ‘fail safe’ so they are also acting as a dump valve when the radio remote control system is not being activated.

What is the cost of a radio remote control system?

Please see our shop to give you an idea how much a complete system will cost. Alternatively contact us if you need help specifying your requirements.